Coffee in Daegu: A Twosome Place



A one sentence summary: You had me at ‘Breakfast Special’…and So Ji Sub.

A semi- quick story: You have no idea how bummed I was when I found out that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy a good cup of joe in Seoul with popular Korean actor, So Ji Sub.

I’m talking about “A Twosome Place”, a European style coffee shop/lounge co-owned by the actor himself. Drinking coffee with a giant poster of him hanging above me is fangirly enough*.


As if his face isn’t plastered on a ton of products throughout Daegu… I really wanted some of his coffee though.

What I ordered: For my first visit, I chose to keep it simple and order some tea. It came in a ventilated, aluminum tea bag that hooked onto my cup.

The Verdict: I forget which one, but that’s because it wasn’t phenomenal *said the coffee and tea snob*. I’ll come back another time to try some dessert.

Seating: This place is huge. I’m sure you can find a table for yourself or you and your posse.

Service: Friendly and attentive. What?! The staff wasn’t on their phones when a customer wasn’t in front of them. Wow.

Oh yeah, this is a ‘go pick up your own damn coffee’ place. The coaster-thing they give you will vibrate when it’s ready.

Interior Design: Modern ‘European’. I don’t know what that means, but that’s what they swear by. Minimalistic with a saturated red and black color scheme.

Dessert: Ummm duh. There are plenty of desserts at this place. It’s a dessert cafe.

Free Wifi: Yes. The password is on your receipt. The connectivity wasn’t great when I went, which is even more lame because the cafe wasn’t busy.

Music: I vaguely remember hearing any, which is a good thing. No one wants to be distracted when So Ji Sub is in the room.

Price: Guuuurl, this place is pricey. Maybe a couple 100won more than average for their beverages. And So Ji Sub isn’t there to cover you.

Location and Directions: It’s a major franchise so there are many throughout Daegu. The one I went to is directly outside Beomeo (버머역) Station on the Green Line at exit 8.

*says the girl who has only seen two of his dramas.


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  1. hey! nice write up!…so i heard it’s overpriced but hey who knows when one will bump into SJS aye? Anyhoo, have been hearing buzz about him ditching this cafe. is it still standing today?

    • Hey! Thanks!

      I guess you could say that place is pricey, but for the size of the coffee, ehh. It’s reasonable. Not saying I frequent the place though.
      In Korea, typically I see regular sized coffee about half the size of the typical American size. And the coffee is a lot weaker…for $3-5.

      As for SJS ditching the place, I haven’t heard anything…yet. His face us still plastored all over the place.
      Thanks for comment! If you ever get the chance, check out A Twosome Place. It’s best coffee is definitely on my best list.

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