Mito Vox: Drum Roll, Please…

Mito Vox is back in it’s regularly scheduled blog-gram! 

See what I did there? It’s like program but I added blog. Well, I thought it was amusing.

Anyways…Hooray! Huzzah! Hippity Hoppity!

Yes, I am done with my little, and slightly carefree, two week break from blogging. Oh how I missed it. I do have a weird tendency to write a lot when I stop blogging. Weird, right?

This is going to be the start of the bringing the old and the very new together for Mito Vox. I’ve got:

  • New blog topics.
  • More opinions and sarcasm.
  • More shopping guides.
  • More oh-so delicious recipes (More gluten free and dairy free recipes coming your way).
  • Halloween costume, food, and decorating ideas. Because who doesn’t love Halloween?
  • And the very, very new and excited guest bloggers. More on that later this week if you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger for Mito Vox.
That’s it! I hope that was enough for you. Did it tickle your interests? I hope the food and guest blogging talk did.

via Mito Vox: Drum Roll, Please….


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