I Want To Be A Teacher

 I want to be a teacher.

Does this mean I’m guaranteed an apple and a vase of flowers everyday?

Somehow, I feel as if I’m going against what I “should” be doing. You know. That thing I got my degree in. I’m suppose to be doing film related things, right? Yet, somewhere in the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder if I could be a teacher.

It makes my heart flutter a little every time I think about it.  Granted, I don’t want to be teaching film anytime soon.  I’ll pass on teaching since I still have a lot to learn.

To me, being a teacher means shaping the minds of a new generation.

No I didn’t get that from a book, and no, I’m not being sarcastic. Some of the most influential people in history of the world were teachers. They didn’t unnecessarily have to be in a classroom to educate the masses, but that is one place I would like to be. I couldn’t understand why a few of my high school teachers seem to complain so much. Sure you don’t get paid as much as a successful film director does. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love your job. For me, it’s not intimidating to think of myself as a teacher. It makes me smile to think that I could be helping someone one day live their dream, their passion by helping them through the process.

Whenever I worked at the elementary school (for 2 years), I couldn’t help but think about becoming a teacher.  Then a year ago, a new opportunity came to light.

What if I taught kids English in another country?

South Korea to be more precise. Now before any of the people who know me, or read my blog Mito Vox, say something about my obsession with Korean dramas and Korean Pop, let me explain why I would choose to teach in South Korea.

Shhh, don’t judge me for loving KPop!

I started learning Korean when I fell in love with Korean Pop music videos. The lights. The choreography. The production design! Somewhere in the world the art of music videos wasn’t dying (it’s not here either, but I’ve had many people say that to me, including teachers). I could do what I love to do in a culture that was hooked on promoting their music with the extravagance of music videos.

Honestly, I have had almost no idea on how to get my business of the ground.

And if there was a guide on how to make it in the music video industry, foreign or not, I would like to see it. Yeah, yeah. Networking, networking. I hear you film school.

Except if I started my business in South Korea, wouldn’t that be out-of-the-box? I mean, come on, are there any American directors who made their music video directing career from directing music videos in South Korea? Not to my knowledge. I’ll be happy to be the first one!

Now back to why I want to be a teacher there.

  1. Learn more about the culture that I want to have as my audience
  2. Learn the language.
  3. I’m a sucker for knowledge and miss school a little bit (a tiny bit but I’m a nerd and learning is fun for me).
  4. I absolutely would love it.
  5. This video inspired me to want to do it even more.

 I want to take a chance. I’m willing to take that chance.

If I can go to more than one country and teach kids English or film…or Science if I really want to, I would love it. Who cares if I am not on the film track for a few years. This would just be one part of my life that I could evolve from later on. Who knows. I could end up being a film professor somewhere down the road. I want to try this because I would be passionate about it. I always follow what I’m passionate about or think I would be passionate about. That is how I got into film.

I could see my self as being “the cool teacher”.

What do you think? Should I stick to what I know best and see what film takes me? Or should I try my hand in teaching and learning in South Korea?


2 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Teacher

  1. YES! Go be a teacher in South Koera! I’m a teacher and I love my job. If the planets aligned, and I could teach English in a different country, I would jump at the chance. What a wonderful way to experience a new place. You won’t regret it!

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