Introducing My Alter Ego

I can call it that, right?


Her name is “The Vox”.

This is the name I run my blog and my Squidoo page as.

I guess it’s more like an anonymous pen name. Alter ego makes me sound like I’m a crazy person. Remember Garth Brooks in his Chris Gaines alter ego? Yeah, that was very weird.

Here’s the story: When I started Mito Vox, I didn’t want anyone to know who I was…unless they knew me personally. And I didn’t see it as anything more than just a hobby I didn’t have to put on my resume.

Now I use my blog as a reference for my writing whenever I apply for freelance gigs and blogging jobs.

Anyhoo, my reason for this post is this: I joined the RocketSquid program for newbie writers on Squidoo. The first “assignment” was to create an “About Me” lens and I wanted to share it on here.

Here’s the link. I hope it’s entertaining!


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