10 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

Dearest friends and associates, Facebook bugs me.
I just want to punch Facebook in its virtual face!

I think I contemplate deleting my Facebook profile several times a week.

If it weren’t for these following reasons, I would’ve deleted my profile two years ago:

  • It was a great way for me to be nosy and find out what my high school friends and frenemies were up to.
  • I use Facebook to post my blog updates on my cool blog pages.
  • I am addicted to Facebook games.
  • All my relatives (except my immediate family) live far away and I feel the need to keep in contact with them recently. That’s what “grown-ups” do, right?
  • For any of my friends who don’t call, text, email (do people even do that anymore), tweet, or skype me, I have to use the most useless Facebook  chat that never works.

Other than that, I hate using Facebook. It’s my least favorite social networking… thingy that I have to use. Personally Twitter is less obnoxious. And I’m am all for blogging, tumbl-ing, and pinning (I hope you know what those terms mean). Less talking and more listening.

But with Facebook, I have to hide every other thing someone on my friends’ list puts on their Facebook wall. Stupid Facebook feed. Don’t you know I don’t want to read half that crap.

So why don’t I just delete those people? Well, I already deleted more than a hundred people when I graduated college. Man, that was awesome! And the people I kept fell under these categories: People I’m friends with, people I was friends with in high school and are still pretty cool, people I haven’t gotten around to deleting yet, and people I’m only friends with because my college stressed the importance of networking to get a job. 

All of these reasons are why I still have a Facebook. Until the glorious day comes when I can delete my profile, I have to suck it up and endure the annoyances that come my way. Which brings me to my reason for this post.

Here are the 10 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook:

  1. Terrible animal cruelty pictures. You know the ones. “We are looking for the person who killed this dog. Tell re-post this to find the criminal.” Why the hell do you feel the need to re-post someone murdering an animal?
  2. Politics.People I’ve been friends with for years feel the need to share their political views and/or ignorance on topics that they should probably research more on. Like the Occupy movements. Do people even know why it started? Not my Facebook friends who spam my feed.

    No I don't want to partake in actually caring about your need to get my attention via Facebook
  3. Pity you, pity you. The people who want you to feel bad for their sadness…EVERY DAY. What am I suppose to do? Nevermind, I don’t care.
  4. People who like trying to push guilt on other people via Facebook. “Repost this or you have no heart and hate [insert cause or specific group of people]”. Really? Am I really a bad person for not telling you all the causes I support by not re-posting your post. Screw you.
  5. Everyone re-posting the same thing. I’ll admit it. I’m guilty of re-posting hilarious things that 5 of my friends have already posted. But it’s an epidemic.
  6. Married or new couples who post how much they love each other on their walls EVERY DAY! I never did that when I was in a relationship. Why? Because it’s obnoxious.
  7. Attention whores. “I went to the bathroom and found a penny. Now I’m eating lunch. My dog barked cutely. I’m going to take a nap after I eat my sandwich.” News Flash: I don’t care.
  8. Invasion of privacy. I know a lot of people talk about this, but here are the reasons why I don’t live my privacy being invaded: Umm no you can’t subscribe to my facebook wall without knowing me. Or look through my pictures. And why is that  I can’t actually delete my account,but just deactivate it??? Creeeeepy.
  9. Stupid ads that show up in my sidebar that have nothing to do with me. How about the ads that have really disturbing, unrelated images? Leave me alone!!!
  10.  Facebook chat is ridiculous.  As I said before  Facebook  chat that never works. And for some reason it puts all my friends’ replies in my Facebook inbox (who thought that was a smart idea? I already see your message!). I have to resend the same message probably 30 times. After I sign in and out several times, then it sends my message? What kind of logic is that?

I’m going to stick to Facebook until Google+ get’s better or until it gets so ridiculous that I have to go back to Myspace. Ewww Myspace.

Now excuse me while I go delete a few people because of some of the above reasons.

What do you hate about Facebook?


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