My 5th Guest Post for Film Annex

I gotta say, I’m super excited about this one.

Film Annex has started an initiative to give war veterans (specifically from the Afghan War) a voice through film. The program is called G.I.V.E. and veterans get a chance to share their aspirations and stories through personal documentaries on Film Annex.

Read more about it at the link below.

Blog posts » Calling All War Veterans: G.I.V.E. is Just for You | Film Annex.

Also, I’d like to say that I’m kinda beating myself up about not blogging so much. It’s killing me a little bit and that’s why I took a break from my other blog. But that was suppose to give me time to post on here…and for that Squidoo Rocket Squids thing. I’ve managed to do 1 out 5 of them. Man I’m really slacking off.

Seriously, epic blogs to come I promise! One quick one later today after I get my work done.

Oh and the link to the 4th guest post I did is here. Yeah, forgot to tell the blogosphere about that. Sorry.

Love you lots virtual friends!


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