That awkward moment when your dental hygienist, doctor, or family friend asks you what you’re up to since you graduated college…and your only reply is “I’m looking for a job”.


Unemployed. Is that a cuss word now? It’s as if a big, bold label is currently stuck to my forehead.

First, let me start by saying that these people are very nice. They wouldn’t purposely offend me. It’s just that they insist on asking me what I’ve been up EVERY time they see me.

To be polite? I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind you just asking how I was and what I was up to lately. It’s a lot better than the silence I get when I say that I’m a freelance writer. Don’t they remember how hard it was was to get a job right out of college?

And how come everyone acts like being a freelance writer means I’m unemployed. Hmm that means I’m self-employed, just so you know.  I guess I’ll have to do something to help people realize that.  Blogging maybe? Freelancers unite!

But it’s okay. I felt a lot better when they seemed thrilled when I told them about wanting to be a teacher. Does this mean I can make myself look less sorry with my freelancer status?


6 thoughts on “Unemployed

  1. AMEN.
    I graduated with my Master’s degree this past June. I have been lucky to be able to gain contracted employment as an adjunct professor, soon contracted illustrator for educational software, and freelance a webcomic but… it will never seem like enough to the rest of society.
    I totally feel you and appreciate you writing this entry.

    1. Thanks! And that sounds awesome. I’m glad you get to do all of that. Hopefully you love it. It makes it that much better for when people are say ” Whaaaa?” when they don’t understand that you’re not a something “normal” like a doctor.

  2. Yea I know how you feel. But I think it’s a lot harder for graduates today to find jobs compared to long ago. I keep myself busy with volunteer work to distract myself from rejection emails haha.

    1. Definitely! I feel like they purposefully make the jobs just out of reach for new graduates. Like adding a Master degree and 10 years experience under the requirements. And I’ve only received one official rejection, while the rest of the places just pretend I don’t exist 😛 Volunteering where?

      1. I volunteer at a lab at my uni. It’s also a nice way to keep connected with the faculty there so I might get related work. Just keep at it with the applications, after 2 months of applying I’m starting to receive some responses other than rejection haha. Hopefully it turns into a job. Good luck in your job hunt! 🙂

      2. Nice! I have to say, waiting is the worst part. But it’s good to hear anything back from companies. And thanks, I hope to get hired ASAP, ha. Good luck too!

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