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Hey there, blogosphere. Why so sad?

Is it because I haven’t been posting in so long? I see you shaking your head no.

Oh, it’s because you didn’t win any money from the Super Mega Gigantic World-record Million Dollar Jackpot, right? Yeah I figured.

Well I didn’t either. Because if I did, I would be on an island somewhere drink kool-aid (made from scratch) through a twirly straw instead of trying to get a job. I guess I could just do that without having a million dollars… but then I would have to make some kind of effort. Borrrring.

Anyhoo, I have been frantically getting all my documents together for the teaching job I’m applying to. To be honest, the frantic part of it is unnecessary and it’s more like I’m feeling very anxious and really, really, REALLY want to get this job. I know I’m awesome, but the rest of the world has yet to find this out. So I need to pour my heart and soul into this application without shedding too many tears. Did I mention how badly I want this job?

But other than that, I’ve been gladly slaving away, of course I’m exaggerating a lot, on articles for Film Annex. I love that job! I mean, what writer wouldn’t want to share his/her opinion while reporting the latest world news/controversies?  Maybe I’m just a nerd.

Hmmm…what else have I been doing? Blogging. Sleeping. Having really random dreams about participating in epic dance-offs. And eating delicious cupcakes for my brother’s birthday/not-birthday. They had little plastic frogs on them as toppers!

Have a good week everyone. And if you did win the lottery, I hope the relatives that you dislike don’t call you up and act friendly towards you just for money. That would be a real buzz kill.

Now I’m going to go eat a cupcake for breakfast.


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