O, Motivation, Where Art Thou?

I promise I work hard...most of the time.

You know that board game where you try to get the little try to trap the mouse by creating an obstacle course for a little metal ball? It’s called Mouse Trap.

Lately, I have been that little ball trying to trap that mouse, metaphorically speaking. Damn you mouse!

I am bored with my daily schedule of writing, job hunting, and watching foreign melodramas because I haven’t quite finished bypassing all. I’ve got the itch to do some creative writing, but I can’t say the same for my main blog…a.k.a. the saddest blog on the block.

Writer’s block would be a complete exaggeration of my lack of motivation. I used to be so in love with it. What happened?

I just had my 1 year anniversary for Mito Vox (achievement yay!), but now I’m ready to start a new blog. Today was the first time I actually had any motivation to post something…in two weeks.

Besides the fact that I’ve been sick for the past week, I just want to focus on other things lately. But there isn’t anything other than my biweekly articles on Film Annex.com (shameless plug there). The most excitement I get these days is from the cute and funny things that my dogs do. That is how bored I am.

If I was back in Savannah, then I wouldn’t be doing much complaining.  I could sit in a coffee shop and just write for hours. Spoken like a true art student. I used to get some much done. I’d plan out my weekly blogging schedule and write my scripts. Now I’m always too lazy to write anything down.

Here’s what I think my problem is: I no longer write for me.Even though I constantly come up with ideas on a daily basis, not much of them have to do with my blog. Lately it’s been job applications, script ideas, or the constant anxiety of getting hired.

A part of me wants to give my blog the silent treatment for 6 months.

Any advice my fellow bloggers?



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