25 Achievements That You Are Allowed To Be Arrogant About

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

—William Pollard

I promise to keep this and have it double as my pimp cup.
ARROGANT– exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner. Source

Screw the saying that ignorance is bliss. I think it should be “Arrogance is bliss”.  Sometimes there are times in your life where you should be allowed to be just plain arrogant…and love it.

I bring this up because, not too long ago I graduated from college. As soon as I got back to my small hometown in somewhere Georgia, I was excited to tell everyone and their mother that I had just got my Bachelor’s degree and was planning on moving to New York City to work on television.

At some point in time, I ran into an old friend who was working at the fast food restaurant that my close friend and I were stopping at to grab a quick dinner. When she asked me what I’d been up to, I couldn’t help but happily spout my newest achievement and life goal. But then I wondered, “Does this make me come off as being completely arrogant?” I asked my friend, of course meaning to be rhetorical and hoping that she wouldn’t respond, but the look on her face answered for her. Yes. I was being completely arrogant.

I felt guilty…for maybe 15 minutes.

Four years later and $120,ooo of debt for my mom and I, and I have a degree to show for it. Why should I feel guilty about sharing with someone my happiness about getting a degree in something I love? I worked my ass off for it. While most of my high school graduating class went off to start families, I went to college. There’s nothing wrong with that. They can brag about it just as much as I do about my degree. I’d also like to point out the fact that my siblings and I are the first generation to go to college in my immediate family. Why the hell not be proud of this achievement? Five years ago I wanted to be a marine biologist. Now I plan on becoming a kick ass music video director!

That is why I say,”BE ARROGANT!!” Do it!

Here’s 25 Achievements you are allowed to be arrogant about:

  1. You have a college degree in something you are passionate about. 
  2. You win the lottery.
  3. You complete a marathon.

    I’m buying an island, bitches!!!
  4. You are bilingual, multilingual, or whatever lingual. **Hola. Hello. 안녕하세.**
  5. You get a promotion.
  6. You get published.**Whether it’s for your awesome work as a writer or your recipe is featured in a popular magazine, show it off to everyone you know.**
  7. You get your dream job.
  8. You win first place in a major competition.
  9. Anytime you get awesome stuff free.**I once one a free Black & Decker electric screw driver that has changeable heads and a rechargeable battery at my mom’s job’s Christmas Party when I was like 10 years old. Score!**
  10. You win a shopping spree or an all expense paid trip.**Again, free stuff rocks.**
  11. You get an award for being awesome.
  12. You have a cute baby. **Because all your relatives had scary looking children.**
  13. You helped change/ improve the world.**Not just donating to charity, but helping build a school.**
  14. You conquer a fear.
  15. You quit a bad habit.
  16. You learn to play an instrument.

    Yay! You quit smoking before they insert one of those plastic things into your neck.
  17. You do something extreme.
  18. You win a competition.
  19. You find the cure for a disease or virus.
  20. You finish a book.**Because these days, who reads?**
  21. You meet a celebrity.
  22. You become famous for something you wanted to be known for. 
  23. You do something heroic.**Superman isn’t the only one who can help an old lady cross the street.**
  24. You retire after a long, successful career.
  25. You achieve something great, even if the odds are against you. **Because nothing should hold you back but yourself.**

Do your happy dance. Sing a happy song. Scream at the top of your lungs. Send a mass text, tweet, or email to everyone and their mother letting them know about your awesomeness.

For today, or whenever you accomplish one of these, forget that pride is one of the seven deadly sins.

Be proud of your accomplishments. 

**Applause** Thank you, thank you! I know I’m awesome!

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