Music Links for Procrastination Enthusiasts: My Stumble Upon Weekly 5

Stumble Upon kidnapped my brain today. The following is a result of time wasted.

This is what happens when you get so busy that when you take a break, you need something to distract you as quickly as humanly possible. Yay for Stumble Upon.

I started this segment with Mito Vox, but since this is music related I wanted to post here. What I do is, pick a category and pick the first or best 5 stumbles that I get. This week my category is Music. For the sole purpose of entertaining me and giving my readers something fun to do, I skipped any repeated, overplayed, or relatively similar ‘stumbles’.

Here’s my best 5 for this week:

1.  Drinkify Let your drink match your music taste. At first I picked 2pm. But then I really wanted to know what drink would be paired my favorite singer, Robyn. The results: Vodka. Ugh, but I hate drinking straight up vodka.

2. Stereo Mood “behind every song there’s always an emotion. that’s why we love music.”Okay, I’ll let you pick my music for me based on my mood. Since I’m currently writing this post, I guess my mood is: WORKING. “Running On Caffeine” is the first song I hear on my designated playlist. Okay, this song isn’t too bad. But I’m not in the mood for electronically generated music. Skipped to number 4 on the playlist and get the perfect song for my mood. “Forgotten Realms” by Mr. Day. I give this website a definite thumbs up!

3. SoundCloud: AWOLNATION– For this stumble, I was brought to the Soundcloud page for AWOLNATION’s “Sail” from 3 years ago. Score! I’m guessing this is before he got famous. Which made this Stumble even more awesome.

4. U Rock– Whoa, this is different. A page full of Rock musicians for you to click and instantly watch music videos from Though I don’t think Nickleback and Kings of Leon should be so close to eye level. Get them out of here! Personally, I picked Garbage. Because who didn’t like Garbage in the 90s. I’m such a cool kid…even if I don’t remember more than half their songs.

5. Rorrimkcalb– This one was my favorite for the week. I come to a page that is completely black with a small movie window in the middle. It’s the music video for Arcade Fire’s “Black Mirror” (which I hadn’t heard until now and I love it!). Underneath the video are numbers in triangles and instructions: Use the spacebar to create a negative image of the video and the number keys 1-6 to turn on/off different aspects of the song, all while the song is playing. It made the song and music video even more eerie.  It was awesome!!!!

Now it’s your turn! Stumble and blog what your results were Link back with a comment below when you are done. Encourage others to join in this procrastination awesomeness too.

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