It’s International Sushi Day!

I could really go for some sushi right now.  Anyone else?

Luckily, it’s International Sushi Day (thanks for telling me YouTube), which means we all have even more reason to eat sushi today!

Feast your eyes on these amazingly tempting plates of sushi.



That last one there (as well as the 5th one from the top) is dessert sushi!

The 6th sushi from the top is a recipe by Rasa Malaysia, a.k.a. my favorite Asian food blogger! Check out the recipe here.

Bonus: I gotta try this “Deconstructed Sushi” recipe sometime.

I’ll add more recipe links to the images later, if available.

You know what sucks? I didn’t get to have any sushi today…because where am I going to get it?

I miss Savannah even more now. Atleast I had several places to go to get top notch sushi. Just sayin’.

Austin, you better have amazing sushi waiting for me when I move there!


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