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Mito Vox’s Top 5 Blog Posts: June 2012

Earlier this month I decided to take another little break from my main blog to focus on promoted my work and looking for a job.

Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo from KBS2’s “Big”
While I miss my weekly blogging over at Mito Vox, I’m enjoying taking time off. It’s nice to give my brain a rest once in a while and find new inspiration.

But enough about neglecting my blogging duties for some “me time”. I’d like to show off what I’ve accomplished since starting my blog a year ago.

On top of that,it’s nice to know that even while I’m taking a break, people are still reading my blog, ha.

Here are my top 1o blog posts, starting with the most-viewed post,  for June:

  1. Watch & Review Challenge: Review #1: I’m crazy and decided to watch and review a long list of shows that have either started or continued on from the 2010-2011 Season. In this post, I watched and reviewed ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and KBS2’s newest show, Big.
  2. Hot Guy of the Week: Gong Yoo 공유: Apparently my readers couldn’t get enough of sexy Gong Yoo after my review of his newest show, Big. “Hot Guy” is a regular segment on Mito Vox and one of the most popular ones.
  3. Discover New Music: Yelawolf: I like finding new artists and introducing them to my readers for every “Music Sunday” and this one has remained a huge hit since I posted it a year ago (is the second most viewed post on Mito Vox). A protege of Eminem, so definitely check him out.
  4. Hot Guy of the Week: Matt Czuchry: Looks like another “Hot Guy” has gotten a lot of notice on Mito Vox as the 5th most popular post on the blog. Gilmore Girls‘ Logan and The Good Wife‘s Cary Agos is looking gooood.
  5. I Love A Man In A Skinny Tie: I realized I needed to be have my blog be a little less girl-oriented. So I decided to give my opinion about a fashion trend for men to see if I would see more men embrace the skinny tie.

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