Stop What You’re Doing. No Doubt has a new music video.

The one thing I can always depend on to remind me of the awesome part of the 90s (or was it all awesome?), is No Doubt.

I say “Whatever” to the so-called fans that say this song is a letdown. Why? Because the one thing I can count on is that No Doubt’s music stays No Doubt’s music. It evolves over time, yes. But not so extreme that it completely throws out any part of their sound that is reminiscent of what made them famous.

Kinda like Madonna, but not as extreme. That woman went from great dance songs to songs that people probably dance to at raves. Whatever floats her boat.

Anyways…I missed No Doubt.

And somehow Gwen Stefani has barely aged. She is still gorgeous! How does that happen?

Let me know if you like their new video, or if you think it’s a let down? 


While you decide, I’m going to get back to studying. Blegh.


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