What I’ve Been Doing Lately and My Beef with Being Labeled a “Gen Y”

Remember how I said that I had nothing really going on with my life (or something along the lines of that), but was spending time focusing on the little things that mattered for my career, e.g. freelance writing, music video concepts?

Well, for once I am making my way to distance myself from my denial of slacking on my goals by taking one step forward. I’ve somewhat neglected both of my blogs, though I have the best excuse ever!

No, I didn’t get a “real” job. But I did sign up for a TEFL/TESOL certificate online class! **Jumps around like a happy bunny**

**Smiles like a happy chipmunk** **Does a jump kick into a split**

If you are new to my blog or have yet to read my “I want to be a teacher post”, you probably have no idea why I’m getting excited over getting a teaching certificate since I’m a filmmaker.Let’s just say that I realized that it was that time in my life when I have no job attachments and no one to depend on but myself. Why not live a little?

Yes, teaching EFL would be a form of me “living a little”. I plan on moving to South Korea for my career in music videos, so in some random way, it makes sense for me to start of knowing my surrounds by doing something else I love first: teaching. I’m so excited! Harps are playing somewhere in the distance to prove how excited I am about this opportunity.

On a completely different subject, and a perfect segue, I’ve recently have had an issue with: Being labeled as part of Generation Y or”GEN Y”.

I figured this would be the perfect time for me to summarize my annoyance with the notion that everyone my age is part of the so-called lazy generation known as Generation Y.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Google it and be infuriated with what people are saying about Gen Y’s as just as much as I am.

It’s the generation made up of the current 20-30 somethings. The universe caught tired of giving the Baby Boomers grief about their generation and have now moved on to complaining about Generation Y.

*Checks pulse**Nope, still alive. **Looks at self** Nope, still don’t see a resemblance to this Gen Y thing they keep referring to me as. I’m pretty sure me being a Gen Y is not a disease or contagious.

I don’t know who started saying we sucked, but someone really screwed me over. I keep being categorized as a Gen Y, without even knowing it.

Is this what you all had in mind of the Gen Y? Sorry, I like my Chucks. And don’t expect any “Dashing”.

How do I found out? Articles, people. I like to read. I’ve even had a crazy old man tell me and a co-worked of mine how “ungrateful” we were and how everything was “handed” to us. Just so you know:

  • I still have my CD player and all my CDs.
  • We used to pass notes in class and give each other written chain letters.
  • Until recently, I still owned a VCR.
  • Facebook didn’t start until I was in high school. People were still using Myspace and Zanga (is that what it’s called?) back then.
  • I remember the when Snoop Dogg became famous and P. Diddy was called Puff Daddy.
  • I didn’t get my first cellphone until college.
  • I’m 23 years old and I have yet to be on a reality show.

I don’t get it. Did we do something so unforgivable that we are getting so much slack lately. Come on. We invented Facebook, a.k.a. the website that get’s the other generations fired from their jobs. And we aren’t all lazy bums.

Let’s take a quick poll:

Raise your hand if you are part of the first generation of your family (in my case parents, grandparents. Aunts/uncles don’t count) to go to college. **Raises hand**

My kids will have be part of the electronic generation, while I can’t even afford to get an iPad now.

Raise your hand if you have yet to do anything to piss the world off so much that they have to constantly complain that you are doing something wrong?

**Raises hand**

I was born. My parents grew up through the late activist 60s, confused 70s, the even more confused 80s and then came the new generation of fixing all that confusion and trying to make more sense of things. In my opinion, we may be the most sane generation in a long time. 

Raise your hand if you are part of the generation that has been screwed over one too many times and has to pay for your education for the next billion years thanks to student loans.

**Raises hand**

Did you know that the student debt is more than a billion dollars in the U.S. ( I read that somewhere, but don’t quote me on it). Sounds like we aren’t ungrateful and are busy working our asses off to be more educated. Better education makes the world go ’round, duh.

**Did I just say duh?** 

Anyways, I say, screw them for thinking of me only as a “Gen Y”, 20-something slacker who. I want to hear more about how awesome we are as a generation. While you continue to think this means I’m stupid and irresponsible, I’ll be busy living my life just how I want to.Give us a little recognition once in a while, okay?

I’m up for any challenge. I’m figuratively kicking down some doors. With or without the approval of all those Gen Y haters. I hate the word “haters”. But you sir, are on the Gen Y hater list.I am doing something with my life. And I’m ready to do what ever it takes. I will travel embark on whatever the hell I want to.

Amen, sister friend.

Woman reading book Image: Source

Young and Darling Image: Source


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