Mind-Blowing & Innovative Music Video #10: Antidote

#10 “Antidode” by Swedish House Mafia vs. Knives Party

a.k.a. One of the Craziest Music Videos I’ve Ever Seen

Warning: the music video below is NSFW.

Let the countdown begin!

As I said in my last post, I am a music video enthusiast. Even before I chose directing them as a career, I would watch atleast 15 music a week, typically ones I hadn’t already seen.

A few months ago, on my search through the mountains of foreign music videos sitting around on YouTube, I found this one below. I know there are other music videos shot in first person perspective, but this one is pretty unique.

Besides it’s great shot design, the first-person shooter type movement sucks you into the chaos with everyone in the strip club. I’d say one take, or some really awesome editing, along with the bass-booming music of Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party makes this video a must-have on any list for innovative music videos.




An epic throwdown with Japanese gangsters.




The song is by the electronica band Swedish House Mafia (yes, they are Swedish) and features/battles Knife Party.

I’m sad to say that these guys will no longer be performing together as a band. I guess you’ll have to enjoy watching this music video on repeat for their sake.


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