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This is what happens when a writer starts a blog.

Why did I start this blog?

I can’t seem to remember my initial reasoning behind this blog.

I think it had something to do with the importance of self-promotion that blog gurus Pro-Blogger and John Morrow are always preaching about. No diss on their need to push self promotion. They are completely right. It’s necessary to put your name out their and get hired from what you do best, which in my case is, currently, writing. Though I can’t quite get the hang out it.

I have no demo reel, which is a great fail on my part as a filmmaker. I don’t have any production designs, which is even worse because I would love to create set designs as a side job.  I can blame it all on the fact that  projects aren’t popping out of the wood-works lately. That and the fact that I have no crew, no camera, oh and no extra money laying around for me to make anything happen. No craft service=no one will work for me for free. Man, this sucks.

So, I thought, why not start a blog? I already have one that’s turned out pretty well. It has nothing to do with my work. That’s why one day I figured it would be a good idea to have one that solely promotes my career.

Here I am. My brand. My production company has a website for the world to see.

Now what am I suppose to do next?

I can’t say that I’ve completely failed at making this blog purposeful, but I can’t say it’s help me as much as I’ve wanted it too either. Of course, getting to write a guest post for Cordelia Calls It Quits was the highlight of any positive outcome I’ve gained from having this blog.

Instead Mitochondrian Productions is a site for me to spill out my thoughts into a sort of journal, as I slowly figure out what the hell I’m suppose to be doing now that I’m not out there making music videos…yet.  I was hoping to inspire someone or to be a place where my friends can see that I’m in the same boat as them. I can make lists like nobody’s business and can write news articles on topics that I feel strongly about. Though I might as well be a snail for how slow this self-promoting has helped me so far. Inching forward to…who knows.

That brings me back to my next question:

What am I doing with this blog again?

As I sit here listening to Sweet Child of Mine on Spotify, I’m in the perfect mood to write about anything. Is this the true purpose for my blog? Write whatever comes to mind?

I feel like I should be writing a script, Filmmakers do that on a daily basis right? I’m going to have to read up on what my career entails.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”
― Stephen King

Either that or keep writing until I get bored and start a new blog. I would love to more of these kinds of posts to channel my music video skills into something fun for my readers.

Any advice to a struggling blogger?


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