Starting a new blog is like getting a new kidney.

You don’t know what went wrong to make you need an upgrade, but at some point in time, it just stopped working.

And when you tried to explain to people why you need a new one, they become confused, concerned, and blame your bad kidney on your excessive need to overwork yourself.

Getting a new kidney is like me getting a new blog. Except, starting a new blog doesn’t require someone to dope me up with pain killers so they can remove a detrimental kidney. This pain is induced by my own means of starting anew.

Because taking care of one blog, plus freelancing, isn’t stressful enough.

Mito Vox was the brain child of endless boredom and internet amusement. I used to blog 10 times a day just because I loved it so much.

But then a year later, after writing and reading about ‘choosing your right blogging niche’, I realized I had been preaching to the choir.

All I wanted to do was to blog about music. Practically 60 percent of my posts were about music. So I made a plan to start a new blog.

It immediately fell through when I realized that I loved blogging Mito Vox so much, that I couldn’t lose focus. I decided to write more for this blog, my professional website, instead.

And there went my focus.

I had mastered internet marketing so well that even without posting weekly posts on Mito Vox, I still had a lot of traffic. No worries. People still liked my blog enough.

Except, I feel bad for my readers. My followers, my friends. I’m sorry I neglected to keep up with the blog. But the truth is, I’m worn out. I can no longer, or want to, blog about everything other the sun. I want to blog about music. My website blog is excluded from this proclamation, but it’s the honest truth.

I need a new kidney. This one has had enough.


Image: Source: bobsfever


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