In the midst of starting a new blog promotion and joining National Novel Writing Month for the first time, I’ve completely forgotten to update at the start of November.

It means I’m being productive, right?

While I’m rather exhausted from writing not for the purpose of WriMo, I need a much needed freelancer vacation.

Unless someone wants to hire me… *Eyes perk up. No response for the crowd. Frowns.*

It’s my fault, I know. I’ve completely failed at promoting my writing services. I’ll get right on that!

Only good things can come from my life changing a little bit within the next few weeks. Huzzah! I will continue to write, hope for a teaching job in Korea, and the epiphany I’ve been itching for these past few months to finally hit me. Lightning speed please. I hope it has to do with getting an awesome writing gig…Fingers and toes crossed!

P.S. I’m currently obsessed with this show. The lead actress in the show is phenomenal!


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