Writer’s Log Day 3: The Face-Off Sabrina Texas Chainsaw Things I Hate About You

Six months ago I made the executive decision to become a different person.

Not physically. Although I could use a new haircut…

I want to become a happier person. A person not bogged down by the negativity around her. A person who doesn’t find hindrance when it comes to helping others who wouldn’t thank you if it they had a hot poker shoved up his/her nostrils. A person who took a step back when it came to solving other people’s issues and solely focusing on her own.

A person whose goals in life were only put on hold due to her own decisions to pursue other goals first.

That is the person I want to become…grow as.

It won’t happen overnight. But I’m willing to wage a higher bet on my self discovery/improvement faster than I would the lottery.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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