Writer’s Log Day 6: Make Way for the Internet Trolls

Ever notice how awful internet spam is.

I don’t mean, “Internet spam is awful because I receive so much of it.”

It’s more like, “God, these people have no lives and they failed English in school.”

If I wasn’t so against it,  then I would welcome anyone who was willing to pay me to spam websites with intellectual comments such as:

“This article was fantastic! But you know what isn’t fantastic? Foot odor. It doesn’t seem to diminish even when I soak my feet in rose water. I mean, come on. What causes foot odor to stay on you like a skunk’s butt spray?! Dr. [insert fake doctor’s name here] has come up with a phenomenal formula to rid all foot odor in a matter of minutes. Click this think to find out more: [insert sketchy link address here].”

That comment is definitely worth $50.


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