Vanilla Lattes and English Lessons

Hey pretty people, pretty people, hey there!

Updates, updates, updates.

Last week, I managed to get a jump start to my teaching career by landing a tutoring gig. Thanks shy, but outgoing, personality of mine!

Me, being the Korean culture enthusiast that I am, got up the nerve to say “Hello” to a Korean family that recently moved into the apartment complex where I live.

Yes! They only looked at me slightly weird after my semi-failed attempt at saying “a little bit” in Korean when they asked me if I spoke the language.

And guess who mastered her TESOL and TEFL class six months ago and is certified to teach English?!

나야, which means “It’s me”. It’s me!

When I almost lost all hope for getting a job, I found one doing something I’ve been waiting to do. And it’s pretty awesome.

Granted, I am still lugging around my college degree, waiting for the hiring bus to come around. But I’ll get back to that once I’ve found a suitable business plan for myself.

Next stop…Seoul?


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