Finding Yourself


Video: Finding yourself by AnnaAkana

I think everyone at one point or another feels sort of lost when trying to pinpoint who they are. When people ask, “What would your friends say about you?”, I find myself unable to answer.

Honestly, I don’t know. I hope they don’t hate me or wish ill of me when I forget to return their calls. I hope they can find it in their hearts to forgive me at my worst and comfort me during the worst of the worst.

As to finding myself…I’m not quite sure of who I am yet.

I know what I do for a living, what I like, what my future goals are, but I can’t figure out who I am as a person. Am I nice? Am I spiritual? Am I lonely? And I still find myself being swayed by people’s opinions (of those who matter most to me) in my decisions because I want them to approve of me.

But, why? Why do human beings yearn for approval? Why can’t we just be happy with ourselves all the time instead of once in a blue moon?

I’m slowly getting there. I’m almost ready to proudly wear this face.


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