Writer’s Log Day 10: Faith In An Easter-Egg Green Room

Once upon a time, all Christians seemed like crazy people to me.

Because even though they and I shared the same faith, our beliefs never quite mirrored each other. I never fully felt accepted due to my decision to avoid church services. They seemed to always be proclaiming my practices made me “not Christian enough” and that I had already booked my one-way ticket to hell.

However, this past Sunday (and Sundays for the past month or so) I realized that good people, who also happen to be Christian, have not all disappeared from the face of the Earth.

And as I sat in the pews and, before that, the Easter-egg-green room, I finally felt warmth among my fellow humans who just happened to be Christian. I’d like to consider the cousin of the green room I’m so used to nowadays.

And there was something amazing about these people. No one was screaming “Sinner” at me. No one was condemning me to hell for making my first ever Easter Sunday. And no one was saying “Gay people go to hell for being gay” and what not. They were willing to pray for my broke down car, currently stranded in a Walmart parking lot.

Now twenty-fours years since becoming a Christian, I’ve finally found people who will admit they are sometimes too lazy to go to church. Awesome!

So whether you are in a church or hanging out in at a 7/11, you don’t know how loving Christians can be until you finally meet a group of people just like the one I’ve had the pleasure of attending church with.

This isn’t a post to coast you into ‘finding God’. I just wanted to share my thoughts on my new found hope of the sanctity, and sanity, of humanity in a place I had least expected it. Not all religious/spiritual people want to revoke your freedoms as a person. Be happy with what you believe. Don’t feel afraid to show it either.

In times like these, I like to remember what Shakespeare once wrote:

“All the world’s a stage and men, and all men and women merely players.” quote from As You Like It

I find comfort in the peacefulness of these Christians as much as I do in the donuts and coffee they give me every Sunday morning.  I feel right at home.

P.S. I do like rainbows. In case you were wondering.

Image Source: anna gutermuth



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