MP Update: What I’ve been up to lately!

Hey there, readers. It’s been…a while…heh…heh. I know, I know. My “active blogger” status has turned into “lazy blogger” for the past few weeks, and my blog readership has probably plummeted because of it.  But I promise it’s all been for a good cause. I recently volunteered to update, tweak, and give a quick makeover to the website of a local church here. It was lonely and outdated (plus, the color scheme was yellow, yellow, and more yellow with red hyperlinks), so I asked the pastor and the one-man web team to change it up a bit. Here’s how it looks now:

lhfwb home

Nearly completed with a nice, calming saturated blue and green color scheme. Yay.

While this small project of mine is free of charge, I plan on taking this opportunity to take on more projects that involve updating the websites of local businesses. A little bit of web design love can go a long way, am I right?

I’ve also been put in charge of adding new content to weekly bible studies and such, and I’m hoping the church fellowship will start becoming more active with their website. Fingers, elbows, and pink-toes crossed.

I guess this means my blogging skills haven’t gone to waste yet. Hooray!

Peace out, ya’ll.

Awesome image credit: BrianHenry ////|//


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