A MP Exclusive: Interview with an Aspiring Rapper!

I am nearly a year behind making this announcement.

I had the honor of interview a rapper by the name of James Lewis for my music blog, Give Me Back My Boombox.

Here is a snippet of the interview:

Who would you say is your biggest influence?

James Lewis: My biggest in influences are the people. Without them there would be no James Lewis. They’re the main ingredient to my music. Without their stories I wouldn’t have much to talk about!

What drives your passion for music? What keeps you motivated?

JL: When someone takes the time to check out my music and gives me feedback, good or bad, that pushes and really motivates me to keep going.

What makes you stand out amongst other emerging hip hop artists?

JL: I can personally say, that I give you all of me! There’s things in my [lyrics] I have never told anyone, and that is where I think a lot of “hip-hop” artist lack… honesty!

Check out the rest of my interview, as well as links to samples of his music, at the GMBMB blog.


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