Operation Journal #2: Prepping for NaNo and Anyonghaseyo

Historians get ready. Keisha Douglas plans to have an extraordinary November this year.

So far, I haven’t completely ignored my career goals while working part time. And I still find time to write.

What started as my ‘neat’ Halloween-themed fiction series has transformed into my future NaNoWriMo project. Let’s just say no one seemed to bite when I pitched the idea and it would kill me to toss it. Expect a sneak peak before the start of NaNo.

Besides churning out my best work on-the-page since…I don’t know, my poetry writing days in grade school, I will be beginning a new chapter in my life by adventuring overseas. I guess I could elaborate, but I’d rather have cool pictures along with it.

Where to? The hint is in the title ( and the image). Oh, you don’t need me to translate that for you.


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