My interview with a vampire (Part 1)


Photo by ARNOLD Masonry and Concrete

Dammit. That’s going to leave a stain.

I wet another paper towel as I continue to scrub ferociously at the spilt coffee near the seam of my beige blouse. After waiting nearly an hour for my guest to arrive, my assistant burst into my office, out of breathe, to inform me of Mr. Perigard’s impendending arrival.

Alistair Perigard. The name alone made me jump high enough to knock my coffee mug clear off my desk.

Alistair Perigard. A highly respected business icon in the technology industry.

Alistair Perigard.  A man whose looks covered at least three magazines this month and sparked even more tabloid gossip than Brangelina and Bieber combines.

Alistair Perigard. The world’s first known vampire.

That is why I, a junior reporter, was asked to conduct an interview with a undead, tecnology mogul. Who in their right mind would believe a story like this, was most likely my boss’ thought process when he handed me this assignment. Me. The small but fearless writer when it came to hauntings and alien abductions.
But this…this interview had me a little on the edge.

Five minutes have gone by since receiving word about Mr. Perigard.

I remain seated until I see my boss lead three men down the hall to my office. Mr. Perigard begins walking alongside my boss, chatting.
Before the men reach my office, I remember my safety kit. I immediately jump up and pull open the bottom left drawer of my desk.

The contents of the safety kit are are follows:

· a necklace of garlic
· a case of silver bullets accompanying a revolver.
· a spray bottle of holy water
· a vile of dead man’s blood
· a pair of newly carve wooden stakes

A kit hand delivered by his secretary, Mr. Perigard wanted to make sure I felt extra comfortable with this interview.

A knock on the door and then a pause. Mr. Perigard entered the room.


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