Coffee and Neon Sneaks: Misadventures in South Korea


I’ve done it.

Not only have I invented a way to erase the stretch marks and cellulite from women’s thighs with Oreo crumbs, but I have also found my way to the streets of Daegu, South Korea.

And let me tell you. Uggs are out and dark-colored sneakers with neon-colored shoelaces are in.

Oh, and no Oreo-laced elixir yet, ladies. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Anyhow, I am in Korea right now, freezing my buns off, and, of course, trying to figure out how to say no to the persistant beckoning from the Emart greeters to buy some magically delicious cookies.

No in Korean is 안네요 in case you are wondering. As for the correct pronounciation of that word, I’m not going to bother doing it for you.

My day job is teaching English not super intricate languages like Korean.

I hope to bore-cite (see what I did there?) with my fun travel stories soon.

Until next time, goodbye from the coffee country of the world (for reals though, cuz guuuurl, they have two coffee shops on every block).


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