Cheers to the new year!


New Year’s Resolutions are bullshit . Pshhaw, false promises.

Like they appear on an actual to-do list.

Why not go for the gold. When the clock strikes midnight, your enchanted horses don’t transform back into mice and life doesn’t turn out like your resolution.

This year my goal is to not keep living my life on replay.

Basically, at any point I feel uncomfortable, pressured, or that I’m reliving my junior year of college, I’m going to just pass on it. It is the year of “I’m not taking anymore of your shit” and gurl, it’s time to get a life that includes more of my happiness and discovering the consequences of my own actions.

This year I want to better my life and to start by accepting as many challenges as I can. With open arms.

Those dance classes I’ve been meaning to take? Yeah, you bet your sweet ass I’m signing up.

Happy exciting new beginnings and happy bittersweet ends.

Insert cliche related quote here.

Happy New Year.


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