Coffee in Daegu: Cafe Mashiro


A one sentence summary : It’s as if you are sitting in front of a fire on a cozy, winter night in a cabin in the woods…with giant stuffed animals as your companions*.

What I ordered:

1. Lemonade (iced and served in a mini pitcher)

2. Caramel Snowccino (shaved/shredded ice, milk, coffee, and whipped cream served in a tall beer mug)

The verdict: Sweet Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi! This lemonade is perfect! But you’ll want to pass if you cant handle a sugar rush after drinking this. My head hurt a little afterwards.

As for the snowccino, it was a lot of snow with only a smidge of cappucino. But it’s definitely not your average cup of chilled joe either. I just think I’ll pass next time.

Interior Design: Modern. Rustic.

Service: Coffee shops in Daegu vary on whether or not your order is brought to you or if you have to actually make the effort to get up and grab it yourself. This one is the first type.

The staff was kind and not abrasive. By that i mean, there demeanor didn’t scream ‘Hurry up and order your damn coffee. I got some texting to get back to’.

Take Out: Yes

Dessert: Yes. Be sure to check out their other menus while you are standing at the counter or you’ll miss out on the cakes.

Free Wi-Fi: Yes, but it didn’t seem to want to befriend my tablet nor my smartphone. Maybe you’ll have better luck. No password needed.

Seating: An average amount of seating. Quant outdoor seating and a smoking area are also available.

Price: Average. If you know anything about buying coffee in Daegu, then you’ll know that most of them have Starbucks prices (3500 won for an Americano is your cheapest option besides the free water).

Music: I’m writing this review after my sugar rush and can’t for the life of me remember the music choice for this place.

Directions via subway: Take the green line towards Yeungnam University (영남대역) and get off at Gosan station (고산엿).

Leave through exit 2 and head south. You will pass a store with giant bottles of honey on your way.

If you need the closest landmark, use either Coffee Forbeans or 노벼초등학교 (Nobyeo Elementary School). It’s on the same street as both of them.

*No, seriously. A big teddy bear sat next to me and held my bag. Such a sweetheart.


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