Ramblings and Monkey Faces


Oh hey there, roaming stranger…blog nomad…possible Internet troll. It’s time for my second attempt at trying to write at least one blog post a week.

-Thanks to Korea, I am addicted to coffee shop. They are my writing sanctuaries.
-People may not sincerely want to hire you. They may just need you as a place holder so that their business doesn’t fail.
-Just because it walks, talks, and pays rent like an adult, doesn’t mean it will go out of its way to treat you like shit stuck to its shoe until it decides it likes you again.

Shit hitting the fan:
-I lost the chance of a possibly awesome teaching job in Korea, because of no one properly explaining to me how to renew my (Korean) visa.
-I taste a hint of black pepper in this Krispy Kreme coffee. No me gusta.

-I am pretty content with all of this. And I’m still drinking that pepper-coffee.
-I’m resubmitting all my documents (again) and hope to be back teaching in Korea soon.
-I’m finding me a camera,  an actor, and filming my first skit sometime next month. I’m ready, Freddie. Prince Jr.


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