Lost Blog Posts: Tall, Blonde, and Not interested

This post was written back in June or July of 2014 during a visit to Seoul. Like many blog posts I get inspired to write, they end up archived in the draft section in my WordPress app. This post has been edited for grammatical reasons, but has otherwise been unchanged.

Hey, future self,

You are sexy as ever, I bet.

If you’re reading this, you must have not found the time capsile. There isn’t one under the table, in case you were wondering.

Well, you’ve officially discovered the fall backs of the one-sided crush.

Just remember how tall and broad-shouldered he was.

Don’t mind me, I’m just checking out the barista in the blue Hawaiian shirt and gray bowler had. Thid peculiar getup somehow blends with the not-so- evident Hawaiian theme. Hold on. I just noticed the strange blocks on the wall intended to look like a mao of Hawaii.

Speaking of noticing caliente things , the barista and I just made eye contact. Sparks, baby. I got your number (he wishes do ). I’ll holla at you in a minute (because I’ll muster up some guts and upload the Korean dictionary to my brain).

Eh. On second thought, I’ll stick to this awkward, non sexy eye contact.

P.S. Will someone please burn the soundtrack to this cafe ASAP.


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