It’s My Party

I refuse to celebrate my birthday like a normal person.

All I plan to do is spend time doing whatever I want. All. By. Myself.

No special birthday breakfast (sorry mom), no planned gey togethers with the few people I know here, and no candles on a cake.

Got me a soy tiramisu latte, new foundation and (free) lip pencils from Sephora, Starbucks eye candy, and chowed down on some migas and kimchi fries. So far so good.

Kimchi fries. Guuurl, you have no idea how good they are.

Though a major downside of partying alone is having to spend my own money (man, I need a job).

Is this weird? Do any of you intentionally celebrate your birthday solo? I’m starting to think something is psychologically wrong with how I celebrate my birthday. Who wouldn’t want the attention?

Surprisingly I’m a big birthday person when it isn’t my own. And, I’ve always been weird about receiving presents. You should have seen how frustrated (or weirded out) my parents were when Christmas rolled around and the middle child didn’t want to make a list for Santa.

This child right here. Twenty-six and still likes solitude.


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