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The First Time I Ate 죽(rice porridge)


야채죽 (yachae juk (pronounced jook) a.k.a. vegetable rice porrige) served with sides of 김치 (kimchi), some sort of marinated meat (probably pork), 무 (moo, a.k.a. turnip, served in a little saucer with its juices to keep it fresh), some spicy red pepper paste (not the typical store-bought kind), and a cup of chilled 매실 (maeshil, a.k.a. green plum) juice.

When this picture was taken: January 19, 2014.

Where: 본죽 (Bon juk), a francise of juk restaurants in South Korea. This one was in Daegu, South Korea.

What I’ve learned about this dish: Just like the chicken soup you eat when you have a cold, juk is the ideal dish to eat when you are sick.

Why I like it: Besides it being a more nutritious alternative mto grits (I really don’t like oatmeal), I would eat juk when my stomach was sour or I whenever would have an acid reflux attack for several days. The 매실 juice is also very good for digestion.


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