Mitochondrian Update: Current Projects and Production Design

Welp, I’ve been a busy person these days.

I promise that I’ve been a lot more cheerful and excited about my future these days. Who says motivation doesn’t begin without the help of self doubt.

If you are a follower of my long running blog, Mito Vox, then you’ve noticed that I’ve begun blogging again.

But the majority of my free time these days is dedicated to researching and conceptualizing production design from television shows and music videos. Finally, I’ve figured out how to put my theatre background to good use!

What I’m currently trying to create is a combination of post- modern Korean design and modern American design to be used in future short films and music videos. Interiors and exteriors. Here are a few very rough drafts of what I’ve been working on.

I apologize for the quality of these photos. My tablet’s camera doesn’t always agree with me.

Here is a bedroom design that began with a typical design found in more recent Korean dramas. I'm slowly adding small set pieces featuring American influences.
A very basic draft of what will become a stage with light bulbs being suspended.
This is a concept that I hope to use in a pop video. It's a raised stage that has separate windows/doorways for a four person group to stand in.

Again,  these are rough drafts that I hope to complete sketches of, and then produce a model.

More to come soon.


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