Meet the Founder


Whoa, how did you end up here? Never mind. Here’s my story.

Whenever people ask me what inspired me to became a filmmaker,

Me, directing on the set of “Waldo”

No, I don’t have an epic tale of meeting Spielberg and how he chewed on a handkerchief while giving me his secrets to filmmaking. Instead, dissecting a fetal pig or growing bacteria in a Petri dish were the highlights of my childhood as I dove head first into studying to become a marine biologist.  In my mind, I was set on  swimming with Tiger Sharks for the rest of eternity. Strange stares.

My high school’s theatre program was my other passion. As a way to avoid extending my days in band, I signed up for Drama for my first year of high school. Best accidental decision ever.

Me and fellow cast in the theatre production of “Wheels on the Bus”

Three years later, I was accepted into UCSC for Marine Biology and SCAD for film and television. I decided to say goodbye to my passion for science and took a chance on film.

“Maybe I should’ve stuck with acting” was my initial thought after taking my first film class.  Yeah, I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I had made a mistake.

And then I found my niche.

How exactly does someone accidentally make a music video, you might ask. I don’t know,that’s how I discovered my niche in the film/television industry. After my next attempt at making a music video, my own music video for the One Republic song “Stop and Stare”, I knew I had chosen the right career path.

So, here I am.  And here you are. Why should I be your music video director?
For me, creating a music video is a synesthetic process.  Hearing a song, planning out every second, every camera movement, every lighting setup, and every design aspect of the music video. I realize I had chosen the right profession after all. So this is how far I’ve gotten. I have my own production company,started a freelance writing biz, and have plenty more ideas brewing in my noggin.
With love,
~Keisha R. Douglas~