Elance Testimonials

Average rating by clients: 5/5stars  View my Elance profile here.

Ghostwriting Job:

“Fantastic! I will definitely work with again! Highly recommended”

Copywriting Job:
“Great work”

Guest Writer for Film Annex:

“Keisha, These look perfect! Thank you. Excited to see next weeks!”  RentJungle

What Mito Vox readers are saying:

“… I love CN Blue tooooo! I’m glad that the English has improved because it was seriously really bad in earlier songs. Fun to listen to! But terrible. I’m currently obsessed with Still In Love off Ear Fun. –Isa;  New Music Sunday: CN Blue

“It reminds me of Pac Man! Definitely addicting! Thanks for sharing!” -fork on Discover New Music: Bassnectar

“Why are you doing this to me! It’s now 9:15 am and all I want is cake.” on Recipe of the Day: Moist Chocolate Cake

“that song always gives me the chills! love the blog!” Elsha.Rae onMusic Sunday Reader Request: Gotye 

“I absolutely LOOOOVE Bruno! Thanks for sharing~!” on New Music Sunday: Lil Wayne + Bruno Mars Jessie Haish

“I actually am a very huge fan of T-ara. I agree that the mv didn’t fit the lyrics of the song at all…but it was still pretty epic xD This song is just so catchy though! Yay for super-catchy non-sensical kpop!” Isa on Party Rock Anthem+Thriller+KPop= Why Do I Like This Song  

“One of my FAV songs.. LOVE this.. : )) NOW it’s STUCK in my head.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.. lol” Marilyn on Glee Does ‘Smooth Criminal’  

“I dig him. I wasn’t sure about him when I first heard his stuff, but he definitely grew on me. It’s innovative hip-hop, and he has Em’s sense of humor.” The Tsaritsa on New Music Sunday: Yelawolf 

HubPage Comments

“Great fix, thanks for the awesomeness and clear answer to what could easily have been a major pain in the butt. Cleaning up has turned into a pain.”  –SenseiAitken What does it mean when the ‘DRM error’ shows up on Netflix? 

View my HubPage profile here.


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